World’s Most FAILED Skyscraper Project in History,2022-23

World’s Most FAILED Skyscraper Project in History,2022-23

World’s Most FAILED The Jeddah tower is a spectacular piece of architecture and a defyingly, ambitious feat of engineering designed to tower over even the burst khalifa the tallest building in the world. The Jeddah tower is indeed a historic accomplishment in terms of human endeavor. World’s Most FAILED

Well, at least it will be once it’s completed, come take a look at this monumental tower and the features that would make it stand out in the monolithic world of skyscrapers once it’s complete if it is ever completed World’s Most FAILED

World's Most FAILED

So without any further ado, let’s begin a fascination with towers for as long as humans have. There’s been this strange fixation with building massive structures from the constructions of pyramids and sphinxes by the Egyptians in reverence to their kings and gods to huge statues. World’s Most FAILED

Like the statue of Zeus at Olympia and the colossus of roads that were built to commemorate the achievement of the Greek pantheon and its people, humans have always come together to build massive structures that display the prowess of the human race in the same line. World’s Most FAILED

This preoccupation with large buildings also applies to our obsession with large towers. From the dawn of time. When the early man came together to build rudimentary towers like the Tower of Babel or the Ziggurats of Sumeria to the more recent leaning Tower of Pisa to the French Eiffel Tower, mankind has always tried to reach for the skies with their stone or iron structures.

As time went on,

we coupled this obsession with our developing scientific and technological prowess to build bigger and bolder structures today towers make up the tallest buildings in the world.

Indeed, the 10 tallest buildings in the world as of the year 2022, are the gigantic towers that were built in the 2010s and the 2020s, the tallest being the Burst. Khalifa stands at 828 meters, tall, or 2700 feet above the ground with over 160 floors within its looming walls.

The current tallest building is over eight times taller than the Pyramid of Giza, the first recorded tallest building in history. It can also be argued that the burst khalifa, which is located in UAE can also be argued to rival the pyramids, in the sense that it is also a massive draw for tourists from all over the world who want to visit this massive monolith. The builders, unsurprisingly, of this attractive monument,

has also brought out the ambition of others who want to create this draw in their nation, and you need not go far because, in 2013 Saudi Arabian Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, a grandson of ibn Said the first king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and nephew of the subsequent kings of Saudi Arabia after ibn saad decided to challenge its neighbor’s architectural achievement by building his mega tower,

thus began the birth of the Jeddah tower a tower designed to be over one kilometer tall. With the backing of Prince Mohammed bin, Salman al-saad, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and the de facto leader of the country,

who is desperate to diversify its oil-reliant economy,

Prince al-Waleed bin hired Adrian Smith, the designer of the burst khalifa so that they can achieve this imposing feat cost the first step in achieving this. A massive feat is the funds. After all, their rival tower is estimated to have cost a whopping 1.5 billion dollars. Fortunately,

Prince al-Waheed happens to be among the richest men in Saudi Arabia, together with the backing of the Saudi government, the 1.2 billion estimated cost required to build this man-made mountain shouldn’t be too much for the oil-rich parties involved in the project features. To support this colossal feat and all its extravagant features, a strong and sturdy foundation was built in the initial stages of the construction of the Jetta Tower, which began in 2013.

The prince and Adrian Smith would have spent a chunk of the budget acquiring high-tech tools and expert workers to get to work on a foundation called a piling foundation which is designed to accommodate the tower’s weight by transferring the load onto sturdy rock over 100 meters into the soil, once this was sorted in 2014 upwards construction began and it soon became pretty clear

that the level of the structure isn’t the only thing being considered when it comes to the Jetta tower already outstanding enough with the loft goals of an over one-kilometer high building Adrian smith and the other designers of the building saw it fit to add certain features that would confirm the Jetta tower, as not only the tallest building in the world, but it’ll also be among the most amazing, World’s Most FAILED

if not the most amazing, building on the planet, along with its over 200 floors within the tower’s walls, there’s no doubt that the height of the building isn’t all it has to offer. First, the entire one, kilometer structure would be covered with a high-tech glass of low conductivity.

World's Most FAILED

That would help manage the high temperature that is prevalent in Jetta.

Its aerodynamic triangular shape is inspired by the desert, leaves found in the area. These sloping, glass walls will help the Jetta tower resist the strong winds that blow hard in the Jetta desert. World’s Most FAILED

Furthermore, the building will have the world’s highest observation deck, which was originally designed to be a helicopter hover pad. Coincidentally, it will hover at 652 meters above sea level for an observation deck which can be found on the Shanghai Tower.

The tower shall possess 59 elevators. Some of which will be double-decker elevators that can reach the observation tower in just 67 seconds still incomplete. Unfortunately, it pains us to confirm that, as of today, the building designed to become the mantlepiece of the much bigger 22 billion dollars Jetta economic city, which was targeted to generate tourism and commercial traffic into Jetta, is still incomplete.

Already a controversial project due to its extravagant cost,

the completion date kept on being postponed until a completion date of 2016 turned to a promise to complete the project by the end of 2020. World’s Most FAILED

On top of that, the expulsion of some of its main sponsors from the country during the Saudi Arabian purge exercised by the crown prince from 2017 to 2019 has effectively brought the construction of the tower to a grinding halt.

Furthermore, the promise to sort out the issues before the end of 2020 was dealt a killer blow when the world was hit by the coveted 19 pandemics, thereby rendering the completion date inclusive of hope. Today. World’s Most FAILED

The unfortunate truth for those involved and interested in the project is that the tower still stands at one-third of its intended goal. However, there is still hope that soon, rather than later, attention will return to the promising monolithic structure,

while the construction of the tower remains in an undetermined hiatus, the surrounding media economic city is still undergoing construction, and there is no way that the construction of the city would be complete without the completion of its crown jewel.

The Saudi Arabia government needs to act quickly because, as mentioned earlier, they aren’t the only ones bitten by the tower bug. Already. Some of their neighbors in the middle east are already planning similar projects rumored to be even taller than the Jeddah tower. Let’s hope that the tower will be completed so that it can stand tall, even if it is for a brief moment as the tallest building in human history.