Visiting Canada From Us | Traveling to Canada from US – What a Nightmare!, 2022 – 2023

Visiting Canada From Us | Traveling to Canada from US – What a Nightmare!, 2022 – 2023.

Last week I went to canada for the first time from the united states and I think that canadians border patrol people are absolutely insane. So, as you know, I invest in companies that are trading on tsxv, which is toronto.Visiting Canada From Us.


Visiting Canada From Us
Visiting Canada From Us


Stock exchange venture canadian stock exchange otc. But I never in my life went to canada because I never had a reason to go to canada and I’ve lived in. The United States for almost getting close to about 30 years.

Never had a reason to go to canada and because most of the companies that, even though I invest in them and they trade on the canadian exchange, I mean canada is not a big country in terms of population right.


So so a lot of the companies that I invest in, even though they might have an office in canada they might be listed in canada. Really a lot of their business is in the united states or they might be international companies.Visiting Canada From Us.



They might be technology companies uh. There was just no reason for me to go to canada and some people are surprised like how how come you never went to canada, well, I never did. I never had a reason to like just never did,


but the stories that I would always hear is that, like in the past, like you, didn’t, even need a passport to go to canada. Like that’s, that’s what I was told uh now you do so in my mind I was like okay, I can just go to canada right. I have a u.s passport.


I can just go to canada and then my mind is like I drove because I I live like in indiana not to not too far away from detroit and detroit is close to close to canada. So it’s like. Okay, I’m just gonna drive it’s like a seven hour drive uh seven hour drive to toronto, but it’s it’s it’s more like three and a half hour drive to the border of canada. Visiting Canada From Us.


So it’s like pointless for me to go like to go to chicago, which is like two and a half hour drive, and then you know, mess around at the airport then go to toronto and then spend another two hours at the airports like I might as well drive and I wanted my car so- and you know I wanted to go because uh I wanted to visit one of the companies uh that I am doing due diligence on for microcap explosions.Visiting Canada From Us.


They had a head office in toronto, so I wanted to visit them and then I wanted to uh. You know hang out, hang out with colin fischer, who is a fellow investor in voxter he’s like hey, come to toronto I’ll show you around I’m like okay I’ll come and then, of course gary yeoman from vaxter is is in toronto.


So, like hey, let’s have dinner. Let’s get together, let’s meet in person for the first time and a bunch of people from microcap explosions live in canada and couple people. I know that live in toronto.


so I had like you know four people to meet with so in my mind, like I have a us passport, I’m going to go through the canadian border, like like a petal like like you, go through a you know: tubule uh, you know pain tolls right, like with the people, checking your passport. Visiting Canada From Us.


So in my mind, I’m like okay, I’m gonna drive in give the passport they’re going to ask me a few questions kind of like what they did in mexico.

Hey. What are you doing here, five days? Okay, have a nice trip! That’s what I thought, because we’re neighbors right go through give the passport hey. What are you doing here, I’m here to visiting a few friends and have a good day? So here’s how it goes if you want to go to canada from the u.Visiting Canada From Us.


Visiting Canada From Us
Visiting Canada From Us


anyone’s passport? Okay, you you go through a bridge because it’s it’s like a ambassador’s bridge like detroit right, you go to the bridge, you pay six bucks to go through the bridge and then you pull up to to a booth with with an attendant right.

You pull up. You give your passport and you know all the paper that you you filled out and then they kind of give you an interview for 10 minutes right.


Why are you here uh? Well, I’m here to visit a company and and visit a friend what company? Well, this company, why are you going there?

I run an investment website where I do diligence due due diligence on the companies I want to go visit their office to make sure they’re for sure I want to interview the ceo I want to have them show me around, and I’m going to have a hang hang out with my friend uh who lives in toronto.


What did you did you ever meet this friend? No, no! I just met him on zoom and the same thing with the company. Uh just met them on zoom and well. Why don’t you meet them in person uh well, Visiting Canada From Us.


because they’re in canada and I’m in the us and I’ve never been to canada like this- is my first time traveling to canada, okay after 10 minutes. It’s all good he’s like pull up to to to over there go to the right and left and my associates will take care of you.


Visiting Canada From Us
Visiting Canada From Us


Okay, so I go. I pull up and I see like 20 people, 20 officers like waiting for me to pull up all right and I get out of the car and they’re like leave. Everything leave everything in the car. Don’t take your wallet, don’t take your phone just leave it in the car and stand in front of the car, okay, seven of them come seven of them, come to my car and they sniff and search my entire car. Visiting Canada From Us.

Seven of them not two, not three, not one, not five. Seven seven go through my car open. The hood go through all of my clothing. Go through every piece of my clothing right, my socks, my socks were like together they went through every single sock to make sure I don’t have in there. I’m thinking, oh, my goodness. Visiting Canada From Us.


I wish I had a camera with me and I wish I was able to like videotape this I’m like I’m coming from us like I’m not coming from. You know some european country, like some, you know some some country, that’s, like you, know political and unstable.Visiting Canada From Us.


I’m coming from the u.s on a u.s passport like what do you think I’m gonna bring like like pot, you guys have pot to be stoned for the rest of your life.Visiting Canada From Us.


What are you, what are you searching like? Oh, my goodness, they open my hood. They look under the hood under under each um under each uh, each wheel, uh they open like like, the entire car, like in my glove compartment, look through everything, I’m just standing there. Visiting Canada From Us.

I’m like this is unbelievable. I’m just going to canada like like mexico. They didn’t do anything like yeah five questions. Yeah go. You know to mexico. This is canada, so so after 45 minutes, okay 45 minutes of taking my car apart, everything uh asking me another questions. Visiting Canada From Us.


Why am I here and comparing the notes from the from the other guy that interviewed me and you know, wrote down notes to make sure everything matches right.


okay, after 45 minutes of that, I’m still not through okay, I have to go to the customs office and give my passport there wait, you know 20 minutes and then finally, I get up and I have another interview: okay, why are you coming here?


Visiting Canada From Us
Visiting Canada From Us


It’s like uh, I’m coming here, I’m I’m visiting a company and uh and I’m visiting a couple of my friends. Oh, my goodness, when I said a couple of my friends this lady just blew up like.

Why are you changing your story?u

I’m like what story I’m going to visit the company and have you know, hang out with couple of my friends have dinner and this you are changing your story because you said this paper said that you were gonna visit the company and visit one person, and I gave the name of the person. Visiting Canada From Us.


Now you have two people to visit. I was like, oh my goodness, like I said, I know more than one person in canada. Why is this such a big deal and- and you know I’m I’m talking calmly and everything and she just starts blowing up at me. Uh your story doesn’t match up, I’m gonna send you back to the u.s, because you’re not prepared, and I’m like prepared for what I said. Visiting Canada From Us.


Excuse me. I was under the impression- and I said maybe I’m wrong. I was under the impression that I’m a u.s citizen I can just come to canada, like I didn’t think I had to prepare. Oh yeah.


you don’t you, you know, you think you can just come over here and la la la la I’m, like you need to prove to me why you’re here and I said I already said that, like I have an I have an investment website where you know I do due diligence on companies.Visiting Canada From Us.


What is due diligence like? Really you don’t know what due diligence is like I come and I travel you know, and I I’m here to to um to visit a company. I I want to you know, visit their office to make sure that they’re talk to the ceo, maybe do an interview. Have you ever met the ceo? Yes, yes, I I overzoom, I already interviewed the ceo and then I’m gonna.


I know more than one person here like I didn’t think it was such a big deal. No, no, no you’re changing the story on me and because you’re visiting camp, a company you’re on a different in a different category than a just a tourist, I’m like whoa. Okay, take this back forget about the company like.


I don’t need to see the company like. I don’t. I can just go to see my my friends. No, no! No! You can’t change your story on me. I I you need to prove to me, because I’m about to send you back to the us and I’m thinking like you, know what I’m so over it now like.
Visiting Canada From Us.


Visiting Canada From Us
Visiting Canada From Us


I wanted to say: take your canada shove it up your goddamn ass, I’m going back to the u.s. Like I don’t like honestly, I don’t need to go to canada like like. I did like I don’t need to go and visit the office like I just wanted to go to canada like like.


I just wanted to go to canada. I’ve never been to canada. Somebody invited me, and I created an excuse and that’s what I’m telling her I’m like. Look I’ve never been to canada. Okay, I don’t need to visit this company.


Okay, I don’t need to see my friends. I don’t this I’m visiting this company so that I can have an excuse to go to canada. It’s this simple, like somebody said, come to canada, I’ll, show you toronto, and I set up a meeting with this company because I’m in the middle of doing my research on due diligence on this company- and it’s that simple like I don’t need to go there.


I want to go there because I thought that from the us I can just travel to canada. It’s that simple, there’s nothing hiding here or this or that it’s this simple um. You need to show me an invitation from this company that they invited you to come. Visiting Canada From Us.


I said I I pull up my phone and I said, look and I show her my calendar because, like they send me an invitation and you know how these invitations, like they kind of sync with your calendar and then you, you know, accept it and it shows up in your calendar right, I don’t know this is nothing. Visiting Canada From Us.


This is not an invitation. This is just your calendar, I’m like okay, uh! Well, here’s I, I show her text a text that I’m texting with a ceo they’re like hey. Thank you for the because it was like after I interviewed him like through zoom for microcap explosions. I said to him during the zoom uh hey. Visiting Canada From Us.


Would it be okay? If I visit your office and he’s like yeah yeah, you know and I said hey, can you give me your cell phone number, so I can text you some something so he gave me the cell phone number and then we were texting like and I said in the text- hey, thank you for the interview uh, you know put me on for may 12th I’ll, be in your office and like like this kind of little exchange.Visiting Canada From Us.


So I show her the exchange she’s, like that, doesn’t mean anything. It’s just an exchange about an interview and I’m like oh man, oh man, so I’m like, I did an interview with him. What kind of interview I I already told you. I run this website and interview ceos and on the interview I said you know that I want to come.Visiting Canada From Us.


Visiting Canada From Us


Put me on for may 12 I she’s like. I need to see a a proof that they invited you. I said I don’t have any proof it’s just. This simple, I said put me on for 12 o’clock for two hours show me the office I’ll come in and shake your hands. Is that it’s this? No, no! You have to have a proof. I said look. This is the ceo of the company. Visiting Canada From Us.


You can call him like here here’s my cell phone call him. No, no, no, that’s not my job, that’s your job and I’m just like you know I just I have had it at that point. It’s like this is ridiculous uh, but then, after a while, I don’t know what what triggered it.


I was just like you know what let’s let’s take. I said, let’s just let’s just backtrack a little bit, let’s just calm down, okay, I said: look I’ve never been to canada, never had a reason to go.Visiting Canada From Us.


I ran this investment website that I write about companies. I present investment opportunities to people, and some of the subscribers to my channel are from canada because the the companies that I invest in trade in canada, okay, so I had an opportunity somebody invited me because I’ve never been there and I wanted to go. Visiting Canada From Us.


The weather is nice. I want to see what you know what canada looks like, because I never had a reason to to go, and so then I phoned up this company or contacted this company and I said, hey while I’m in canada can I can I come and visit yeah, yeah sure, come and visit on this we’re going to report.


Our numbers comment, comment, come and visit, that’s it and I have a friend that I share an investment idea. Another company and I want to meet with him, and he said, he’s going to show me toronto and then, while I’m staying in a hotel in toronto, there is this. Visiting Canada From Us.

This ceo, that I’m gonna have dinner with and a couple of subscribers to microcup explosions that want to get together with me to meet me in person. It’s this simple like I don’t need to be here. I want to be here because you know we’re neighbors like and and then at that point she just kind of like calmed down stopped yelling at me, and she was just like well next time come prepared.


I was like okay I’ll come prepared. She gave me the passport I got in my car and I just drove to canada. I was like I had never in a million years thought that I had to go through such a pain to go from u.Visiting Canada From Us.


Visiting Canada From Us


to canada. I thought it was going to be like going through a tall booth showing my passport and saying, hey have a good day like like it was in mexico or like when I’m coming back from canada after having a good time in canada, you know you pull up to the booth, but you know I’m going to the us with a us passport, so I know it’s different.
Visiting Canada From Us.


I know it’s different, but it was like two minutes boom. Show me the passport: where are you going huh? Why are you coming to the us? Well, I’m I’m I’m going home. Why were you in canada? I visited two companies couple of my friends. Uh. Do you have anything to to declare? Ah, a a friend of mine gave me a couple chocolates. Visiting Canada From Us.


Thank you very much boom done like that’s what I thought was gonna be coming to canada. So I am shocked, that’s it for this Article. I hope you enjoyed it.Visiting Canada From Us.


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